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Tips for your AmeriCamp Application

Now that you’ve decided to apply to AmeriCamp, make your application is as incredible as you are with some of our handy tips!

There are a wide range of personalities, experience levels, and skills that can make an applicant an awesome candidate to work at a Summer Camp in America. Always remember, there are ways to make your application stand out from the crowd and that is what you need to utilise. The best applications demonstrate your past experience, unique skills, and personality in great detail.

Here are just a few tips for ensuring your application is comprehensive and stands out

Show your flexibility
Whether it’s your dates of availability, the types of camps in America you’re open to working with, or the activities you’re willing to teach, the more flexible you are, the higher the chance you will be #plACed with AmeriCamp with an awesome camp.

Highlight your experience with kids
Whether it’s from babysitting, looking after a niece or nephew, help with coaching with parents or family friends, or something completely different, tell us how you have worked with kids in the past and why you want to work with them this summer at camp in America.

Don’t forget to mention what ages you have worked with, in what capacity you worked, and how long or often you worked with them. After all, you are being hired to look after a group of children in the USA so your experience in working with children is important.

If you haven’t got any experience in working with children don’t worry, we can help put you in the right direction so you can add things to your AmeriCamp application.

List your skills
Camps in America are always looking for counsellors with skills like archery, sailing, or horseback riding, but there are so much more skills and we could list over 100! Whether it be tennis, football, dramas, arts and crafts tell us what you’re into and if you would be able to help teach that at a Summer Camp in America.

When writing about your skills, be sure to include current qualifications and/or certifications, how long you have been involved in the skill, if you have taught the skill to others (even if it wasn’t to kids), and what aspects of the skill you can teach. This is your opportunity to show off your skills, so if you can do certain wake boarding tricks, or you can jump a certain height on horseback, or juggle, include it! You want to make it obvious the level of expertise you have in this area. Remember, you don’t have to be an expert to teach some activities and skills to kids. Sell yourself and don’t be shy!

Explain why you’d make a great counsellor at a Camp in America
Maybe doing AmeriCamp is your life goal or you just love exploring new countries. Whatever the reason, tell us why you want to be a camp counsellor in America and what you will bring to the camp experience.

Be honest and make sure your application shows the best of you.

Remember it is a job so if you are patient, outgoing, enjoy working with kids and hard-working with a sense of adventure tell us!

Be as detailed as possible
Camps want to know as much about you, your experience, and your skills as possible so be sure to use up every character available. Plus, the more you tell us, the better picture we’ll have of you, your interests, and your experience. It also means that it will be easier for us to
find the perfect camp in America for you.

Be mindful of the quality of your writing…
Okay so this isn’t an English exam, but it’s always good to make a great first impression.

Watch out for spelling, grammar, and the overall standard of your written English. We have to decide if you’re right for AmeriCamp based on the information you provide, so be sure your application shows that you have dedicated your full time and attention to it.

After all, we’re looking for the best Camp Counsellors possible, so we need to find out who is serious about their application. Plus, all the hard work is so worth it when you’re taking that selfie in Times Square!

Pics and application video
Okay, so we all probably think that a picture taken of you in a club or bar is you at your best, but it’s unlikely to be what we need here.

A smiling, happy and appropriate headshot gives us the ability to put a face to a name, which can make such a difference.

As part of your application we ask you to make a short (1-2 minute) video about yourself. This is the perfect chance to show off your skills and personality, so get creative! We canhelp a huge amount with this so don’t let this put you off.

Often the best videos are someone that’s done something slightly different, but remember you must refer to AmeriCamp in the video or it won’t be accepted. Have a quick search for AmeriCamp Application on YouTube and will you see loads of examples to give you inspiration. In order for us to find the video it needs to be saved as AmeriCamp Application 2018 (or the year you’re applying for).

Make sure to recruit all your friends and family to help you film it and make yourself stand out! Remember, we want to clearly know it’s you in the photos or video, so don’t include images with lots of people in them if you can help it.

If you follow these guidelines, you will be on your way to submitting an outstanding application and before you know it you will be on a flight to the USA for what will be the best summer of your life!

Got any further questions?
Get in touch, we would love to help!

Much Love,

The AmeriCamp Team x

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